ECTP 2019 - European Championship for Thematic Philately
Verona, 22 - 24 November 2019
Federazione fra le Società Filateliche Italiane

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ECTP 2019 - European Championship for Thematic Philately, is a philatelic exhibition open to European exhibitors of thematic philately from the countries that are member of FEPA, the European Federation of Philatelic Associations.
The 2019 is the 9th edition of the Championship, all the previous one having been held in Essen (Germany) with on exception held in Paris.

These are the key characteristics of the exhibition:

the registration and all preliminary phases will take place completely online, including the payment of the frame fees;
the ECTP is open to exhibits of thematic philately, to be classified in eight different thematic classes, according to the themes of the exhibits; besides, those exhibits winners of one of the eight thematic classes at previous ECTP events may participate in the Champions Class;
the frames will allow the presentation of 12 sheets of normal size;
11 frames (allowing for 132 pages of normal size) are allotted to those exhibits that received at least 85 points at a previous FIP or FEPA exhibition; any other exhibit receives 7 frames (allowing for 84 pages of normal size);
the jury will work online in the months before the exhibition, allowing a more thorough evaluation of the exhibits;
in each theme class the exhibits will be ranked in order of points assigned by the jury, with the exhibit with the highest score to be proclaimed as European Champion of that theme class, and thus be candidate for the Grand Prix;
during the award ceremony each juror shall present his/her own ranking of the very best exhibits included in the pool of candidates; the exhibit obtaining the highest total out of such rankings will be awarded the Grand Prix ECTP 2019.

FSFI - Federation of Italian Philatelic Societies
In cooperation with:
CIFT - Italian Center of Thematic Philately
UICOS - Italian Union of Olympic & Sport Collectors
Associazione Filatelica Numismatica Scaligera
Publishing projects implemented in cooperation with:
Circolo Filatelico Numismatico Vastophil
With the Patronage of:
FEPA - Federation of European Philatelic Associations